Arabica Music produces Nancy Ajram’s latest album

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by elias mattar

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 The production and distribution company ‘Arabica Music’ will be producing and distributing the latest album by Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. The new album holds the title “Bil Hadawah” (Calmly).The company has decided that during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr, which is directly after the holy month of Ramadan, will be the launch date for the album, according to the daily newspaper Al Arab Al Youm.

The album was previously scheduled to be launched during the summer season, but due to the world cup, which took place this summer, and the coming of Ramadan, time was tight and so it was decided to postpone the album.

Nancy has filmed the song “Ayni Alaik” (My eyes on you) in the form of a music video under the direction of Laila Kan’an to have it ready for launch along with the album.

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