Program Outline


Suzan Hourany kicks the day on 2Moro airwaves in ‘SEBHIYYEH’ - a unique breakfast show highlighting the latest of current affairs, and hosting local and international celebrities, public figures, community faces and guests. Mon to Fri 7:30 AM – 11 AM


BIKHSOUS HAL SHI is 2Moro’s star show. Produced and co-hosted by the controversial Raja Bader and Rudolph Hilal, this show critically and humorously overviews the Arabic celebrity world extracting its ills and futility live on radio.Mon-Fri 11AM –  1PM

Radio 2Moro 1620AM offers extensive news coverage on three levels: Middle Eastern, Australian as well as Global. MTV News | Mon – Fri 630AM Sat & Sun 12Noon & 4PM. El Ghad News | Mon – Fri 7:45AM, 8:45AM, 9:45AM, 10:45AM & 12:45PM.


Sa7 El Nom is Sawt El Ghad’s Afternoon Drive show with the celebrity host Viny Roumy. Viny offers wake up calls for your loved ones and is by far Beirut’s favorite morning voice. Mon – Fri 1:30 PM – 3PM. 

IT’S SHOWYTIME is the ‘laugh it out’ segment on 2Moro airwaves co-presented by the awesome twosome comedians Fady Charbel & Carine Rizkallah. Broadcasted live from  Beirut, IT’S SHOWTIME bridges the gaps between Beirut and Sydney with a loud laugh. IT’S SHOWTIME presents daily live debates around the MAN Vs WOMAN marital and relationship battles. With exaggeration, wit and audacity the duo have accumulated a solid audience that will not tune out for anything. IT’S SHOWYTIME also dedicated a health segment by radio host Marie Joe Gerges. Showtime | Mon – Fri 3PM – 4:30PM 

OLT 20 is the Official Lebanese Top 20 radio show hosted by John Saad and compiled by Ipsos. The Official Lebanese Top 20 is the first 100% accurate Airplay Chart which singles out the 20 most played songs in Lebanon. OLT is broadcasted simultaneously on TV, radio, billboards, magazines and online or on the move via its mobile app: OLT20. Sun 6 PM.

HANIN is Radio 2Moro’s Dr. Love show with George Dagher. Launched since 2007,  in remains till date a highlighted show on the of stunning success and impressive ratings. Reading poetry and messages of lovers, cheering the sad and reviving ageless ballads, George is today an icon of romance on Arabic Radio | Wed 8PM – 10PM & Sun 11:30PM.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to have VIP access to celebrity homes and shows, backstage exclusives, one on one interviews and celebrity scoops then this is your chance to live it for 1 hour a week with Robert Franjieh in DAYF EDDAYF | Sat 10AM – 11AM.