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Student Voice 2010 results

In a special interview with Lucinda Barlow from Google Tomorrow at 9:45am , Suzan will ask about the result of Student Voice 2010-The federal election as voted for by 15-17 year old students across
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Election campaign coverage

Suzan interviewed journalist Anis Ghanem Today at 8:05am.Ghanem refused to answer her question about who will win the elections but asked Suzan to watch the greens.Mr . Ghanem said that Mr. Abbot is
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Are you willing to buy a dwelling in Lebanon?

Tomorrow Tuesday 17 August 2010 Suzan will talk to Managing Director of Arab Bank Australia James Wakim at 8:05am.She will ask about their lending to Australians who wish to buy a dwelling in
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This elections is all about slogans :"peter Manning to Suzan

On Friday 13 August 2010 Suzan interviewed Journalist Peter Manning. Suzan asked who will win in the elections? I think Labor will come back into power he said but it will be a difficult win with a
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Love is in the air

A new survey found that half of all Aussies have fallen in love with their flatmate or neighbor. "Love is in the air" this is the topic Suzan will cover Tomorrow with Domain blogger Carolyn Boyd-Tune
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