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15 year olds engage in the federal election for the first time in Australian history at school

Australian high school Students aged from 15 years until 17 for the first time have the chance to cast their vote and have a say by expressing their political opinion in this simulated election. This
Suzan submitted 3 years 359 days ago

Clashes erupted between Lebanese army and Israeli forces :Are we approaching a new war ?

Clashes erupted Today along Lebanon's borders and Israel's northern borders. There was an exchange of fire between Israeli troops and Lebanese army near Kibuts Misgav3am .More than 9 rockets has been
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What a coincidence!!!!

Is this a coincidence or what? has investigated the roots of Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the leader of the Australian Liberal Party, Tony Abbott, unearthing some interesting
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Is this a coincidence or what?

What a coincidence!!!!! One of the most important topics during this federal elections is immigration. Although both politicians do not agree on too many issues when it comes to this topic but they
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Snow and more cold weather expected for the next few days

Snow has fallen in some parts of NSW over the past 24 hours according to Weatherzone. For how long this will remain. And what will the scenario be in the next coming days. Any severe weather warnings
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