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Father Tadros Semaan joins Suzan in the morning show to talk about terror attack on Coptic church

Father Tadross Semaan from Guilford Coptic parish will join Suzan Hourani during the morning show Tomorrow at 8:00am to talk about the terror attack on the Coptic church on New Years Day and the
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Suzan Hourani a Salvo Ambassador for the Arabic Community

I was recommended by the members of the Arabic community to be the Salvos Ambassador for the Arabic Community being a respected and positive role model ...I thank all people who recommended me for
Suzan submitted 3 years 198 days ago

It's Movember

Movember is getting more popular. I personally didn't notice it in the previous years. Just last week I've noticed Two of Mysat staff Roland and 3amer growing moustaches. Surprisingly I asked why?
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I suffer from discrimination:Can you help me?

Be tuned Tomorrow as Suzan will highlight one of the listeners complaints of discrimination during the morning show Sobb7hiyye at 8:10am.Suzan will talk to the President of Anti-Discrimination Board
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Interest rates unlikely to go up Tomorrow:Boyd to Suzan

Suzan interviewed property expert at Carolyn Boyd Today and asked if mortgage holders should expect an interest rate rise when the reserve bank meets Tomorrow .Boyd told Suzan in
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