Carole Samaha denies secret marriage

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by Radio 2moro Team

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Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has once again denied circulating rumors that she secretly married concert agent Yousif Harb, asserting that she would never marry in secret and when the time comes for her to marry she will publicly announce it.

Carole said the rumor is ridiculous and those who create such rumors are motivated by jealousy and aim to ruin her image in any way possible.

According to the internet website, Carole also denied rumors that she will be filming a music video with international French soccer star Terry Henry and people misinterpreted her original statement which was an announcement that she will be filming her new clip with French director Terry Fern. 

Carole revealed that her father did not give her permission to enter the entertainment industry before completing her college degree. Carole said that she is glad, for it has enabled her to manage her career in a logical manner and being educated gives her the strength to overcome any obstacle.